Your Natural Wholeness Inside


— Judee Fehsenfeld, MSS, NFT

Judee has spent decades learning and experiencing techniques for her clients in order to assist their inner awareness and self healing.
"Our goal is to help individuals through state of the art multiple technologies and therapy practices."

Judee Fehsenfeld, MSS, NFT
Wholeness Arts Practitioner


— My Book: Practical Forgiveness

Shift from Guilt and Shame to Grace and Self-Love

Trauma that results from events in your life often leads to pain and suffering that can inform the rest of your life in a negative way.

Judee Fehsenfeld’s pioneering new book, Practical Forgiveness: How to Shift from Shame and Guilt to Grace and Self Love, will help you heighten your natural ability to address your trauma and release your suffering.

— Client Testimonials