Judee Fehsenfeld

— Theta Wholeness Center

Therapies by Judee Fehsenfeld
Judee spent decades learning and experiencing techniques for her clients in order to assist their inner awareness and self healing. Eventually this culminated in her decision to transform her spacious home into a center for mind, body and spiritual transformation. Her intention is to provide methods and means to demonstrate to each person, their innate ability to access the inner resources necessary for responding effectively to their life.

She is a member of The Association of Noetic Practitioners. She has also earned her Masters in Health and Spiritual Science from the University of Santa Monica, with a Spiritual Psychology Certificate.

  • Noetic Balancing - Self Forgiveness therapy
  • Theta Chamber Therapy - Certified Technician
  • AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer - Certified Technician
  • Inner Voice Analyzer - Certified Technician
  • Colon Hydro Therapy - Certified Practitioner


In addition to the certifications that Judy has acquired, she is also a Red Cross volunteer and a private pilot.